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Rob Jenkins/Staci Johnson

Stand Out (3A) 2/e

Stand Out (3A) 2/e




  Stand Out works! And now it works even better!

  Built from the standards necessary for adult English learners, the second edition of Stand Out gives students the foundation and tools they need to develop confidence and become independent, lifelong learners.


  * Student Books integrate language development, life skills, and real world project activities in an exciting, colorful, easy to use format.

  * Ground breaking Lesson Planners take the guesswork out of meeting the standards while offering high-interest, meaningful language activities, and three levels of pacing for each book.

  * Team Projects present motivating cross ability activities which group learners of different levels together to complete a task that applies the unit objective.

  * Grammar instruction is included and integrated in every lesson, and Grammar Challenge, workbooks are directly aligned to the student book and take the Stand Out approach. Online grammar practice is also available through Grammar Caf?.

  * Reading & Writing Challenge workbooks offer additional reading and writing skills development and practice streamlined option for enhancing your Stand Out curriculum.

  * Split editions with a pre unit or bridge lesson allow students to transition seamlessly throughout the program.

  * Pronunciation activities are included in each lesson and students can practice more pronunciation by using the Online Speaking Labs alongside Stand Out.

  * Activity Bank CD-ROM (included in Lesson Planner) includes multilevel worksheets for each lesson.

  * Assessment CD-ROM with Exam View? allows teachers to create, customize, and correct tests and quizzes quickly and easily.

  • 規格:平裝 / 99頁 / 27.6*21.6*0.5 cm / 普級 / 全彩 / 初版
  • 出版地:台灣
  •   本書的有效利用方法





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